But I Don’t Want To Be A Socialist!!
by Bill Willis

The horror began with the first “bailout” packages aimed at propping up the poorly-run debt institutions and the federal bank (which the founders never wanted us to have),  pouring billions into every failed institution they could find. Then came a new threat to democracy and capitalism in the form of a conman who happily signed the largest, most wasteful spending bill in history. If that wasn’t enough, the next step was a package of pure pork-barrel spending and then even more spending in what I think was referred to as a budget. Other lunacy on the horizon includes socialized health care, censorship of dissenting opinions on the airwaves and the internet, revocation of free speech, revocation of freedom of religion for Christians, favorable relations with terrorists at the expense of Israel and other democracies and an active anti-life policy, including government financing of abortions both here and abroad.

I realize that it was so-called Americans who voted for this man and his gang in the congress, but are there really that many people in this country who want to turn their back on democracy and become socialists? I, for one, do not want to be a socialist. One thing I love about this country is that we are a nation of free enterprise and capitalism built on the precepts of Christianity. Of course, we have all had to put up with a great deal of socialism since Franklin Delano Roosevelt brought it to this country through his failed policies. Now, though, a radical faction of the government is bringing us the rest of the way in an incredibly short time.

Some would tell you that socialism is a good thing – that the needs of the less fortunate are met by a caring and nurturing government. Isn’t it amazing, then that everywhere socialism is tried, it fails. Why? Because those in power preach financial equality while practicing greed and elitism. All financial resources tend to rise to the top and stay there.

You may ask yourself why a government takes it upon itself to assume the role of the caretaker of humanity. The short answer is that they have wrestled the responsibility of caring for the poor, widows, orphans, etc. away from the Church. Their superiority complex gives them the idea that they know better how to manage the lives of the people than the people themselves. The problem is that the government is severely under-qualified for this task.

What, then is the answer? We know that government, especially one bent on bankruptcy, is doing more harm than…well, is doing harm. If the Church will return to it’s role of ministry, trusting in God for provision instead of a corrupt government, exercising faith in God instead of fear of circumstances, we can restore this country. We could even consider being politically active – it’s not a sin and it’s not contrary to scripture as some would have you to believe. A good start would be to vote according to Christian principles. For instance, people who claim to be Christians just voted for a man who supports government-sponsored abortion, the perversion of the institution of marriage (by allowing couples of the same sex to marry) and preferential relationships with the enemies of Israel. No true Christian voted for Barak Obama.

The bottom line is that Christians must break out from the fear of the current environment and resume the act of being about our Father’s business. Let’s get back to being Christians, shall we?

Posted March 6, 2009