Harry Potter
Complete Witchcraft Training For Your Child

As I was watching the news on one of the mainstream liberal television networks, a disturbing teaser came on for a news show that would be on later.  The advertisement noted the widespread use of the Harry Potter series and talked about how the plot twist at the end of the latest book was a shock to children.  The program would discuss how parents could deal with the fear that their children would experience when reading this book.

The first problem that I had with this advertisement was the implication that Harry Potter material was widely accepted and the assumption that a vast majority of children would read the new book.  Unfortunately, it is true that this series is widely accepted, even among professed Christians.  While we expect the secular world to embrace this series in the end-time, there is no excuse for Christians to allow their children to read or watch Harry Potter material.  Many people, though, ask what is wrong with Harry Potter.

Harry Potter teaches witchcraft.  Please don’t misunderstand me.  This is not like the Disney films like The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Sleeping Beauty and Beauty and the Beast that simply condone witchcraft and teach that some witchcraft is good.  No, the Harry Potter series teaches practical witchcraft.  Kids can use what they learn in Harry Potter to form a solid spell-casting foundation.  You read that right.  The spells and spell-casting skills that kids learn from Harry Potter material will actually work.

The second problem that I had with this ad was the admission that the book would cause children to be afraid.  That should throw up red flags to parents.  If the reading material that you are giving your children causes fear, you might just need to re-evaluate your literature choices.  I know that all their friends are reading Harry Potter, but did that excuse work on your parents when you were a kid?  I know that many times these books are required reading in schools, but don’t you realize that you have a voice concerning what your children are taught?  Or do you want them to be taught witchcraft.

Please, Christian brothers and sisters, be careful what you teach your children and what you allow others to teach them.  The Harry Potter series is a comprehensive witchcraft training program.  If you give in and allow your kids to be exposed to this material, you are handing them over to the Devil.  Please don’t let that happen.

In the service of the Lord,
Bill Willis
Apostle / Evangelist

Posted July 21, 2005