The Medical Economy
by Bill Willis


The first time I heard the phrase “medical economy”, I had to take some time to consider what that really meant.  If you think about it, where would doctors be if we were all well?  Where would the pharmaceutical companies be if diseases were cured and people knew how to treat themselves without drugs?  Logically, the doctors and pharmaceutical companies depend on disease and failing health to survive in their respective industries, as well as being inter-dependent on one another.  Of course, the insurance industry and government-sponsored “health” programs do much to feed this beast.  Consider this passage from Dr. Wright’s Guide To Healing With Nutrition by Jonathan V. Wright, M.D.:

In the United States of America, there is no liberty for each of us to take care of our own health in whatever manner we see fit.  It’s your body, your health, but if it’s your own personal preference not to be cut open, drugged, or radiated for cancer, call your travel agent.

Americans have given up the freedom to take care of themselves in favor of the dubious security of supposed protection from “quackery,” “unscientific,” and “ineffective” medicine.

Strong language?  Not at all.  A congressional report concludes that only 10 to 20 percent of present-day “scientific” medical procedures has been shown to be of benefit by controlled clinical trial.  One possible interpretation of this congressional document is that 80 to 90 percent of modern scientific medicine has no better scientific proof behind it than snake oil.  (pp. 3 & 4)

Unfortunately, the end result of this massive medical machine is that America, as a whole, is actually worse off.  Heart disease and cancer rates have risen dramatically since “modern medicine” has become the standard.  An alarming number of Americans are using pharmaceutical drugs on a regular basis.  A large percentage of those are over-medicated.  Misdiagnosis is common and unnecessary operations are performed on a daily basis.

Alternative medicine holds the key to curing disease and improving health, but a doctor can and will lose his or her license for practicing it.  Remember, if Americans were well, the medical beast would starve.  Also, through the miracle of supply and demand, medical costs would plummet and the medical insurance industry would cease to exist.  Americans would have more to spend on other things and the economy would benefit.  Don’t hold your breath, though.  With the help of the government and the media, modern medicine has been so engrained in the American lifestyle that there is little hope of stopping its growth.  Fortunately, Jesus will be back soon to get us and we won’t have to be faced with the onslaught of the medical beast any more.