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Please join us when possible.
We are always happy to fellowship with the saints.
If you would like to have Willis Family Ministries come to your church or town, please contact us
If you see a date labeled [Tentative], we may be available on that date.
Please call and check with us.


Wednesday, March 22nd

Christian Worship Center
579 Virginia Avenue
Center Hill, FL

Evening Service 6:00 pm

As with many of the ministries that we have a relationship with, this church flows with the leading of the Spirit. I'm scheduled to preach, but if the Lord has something else in mind, it will still be a blessing. We hope to see you there.

Contact: Pastor Wayne and Eva Carraway
Phone: (352) 569-0088

Thursday, March 23rd

Rose Of Sharon Worship Center
115 SR-50
Groveland, FL

Evening Service 7:30 pm

Thursday nights are usually a bible study, but whatever the Lord wants to do is what will be done. These are precious people. We hope you'll join us.

Contact: Pastor Harvey and June Fender
Phone: (352) 429-2362

Sunday, October 15th
Thursday, October 19th
IMF Conference

Rehoboth Christian Center
290 High Street
Tallapoosa, GA

Morning Session 10:00 am
Evening Session 7:00 pm
Wednesday Evening Banquet 7:00 pm

Contact: Bishop Darrell and Pastor Kathy Gooden
Phone: (770) 574-7985
Email: rehoboth01@aol.com
Website: www.rehobothinc.org

Sunday, November 12th
Friday, November 17th
CFI Conference

Bethany Christian Fellowship
1909 13th Avenue
Phenix City, AL

Morning Service (Tues - Fri) 9:30 am
Second Service (Tues - Fri) 11:00 am
Evening Service (Sun - Fri) 6:00 pm

Contact: Pastor Cecil Scott
Phone: (706) 575-4694
Email: pastorcrscott@yahoo.com