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The KJV Only Question

There is a small but vocal group of individuals today who not only favor the King James version of the Bible, but consider any other translation or version to be invalid (some say, of the Devil) and anyone who uses those versions to be at best, deceived and at worst, bound for hell.  On the other side of this discussion are those who maintain that, even though the King James version is perfectly valid, it is not the only valid translation of the bible.

This study examines both sides of the KJV-Only issue.  First, the case is made for the KJV-Only view.  This is the evidence that I was asked to accept as proof that the King James version was the only true bible.  As other unique articles are discovered, they will be included here.  Second, the response is given to the KJV-Only case.  These are articles that I discovered when I began to research this question.

After reviewing the KJV-Only case, you might wonder why I would feel that it was necessary to do any further research.  My answer is that there are two sides to every debate.  Any decision based solely on the evidence of one side would be an uninformed decision.  It is for this reason that both sides of this issue are presented here and the final decision is left to the reader.  I hope this study proves informative.

The case for the King James-Only position

The response to the King James-Only case
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